Petite girls rejoice! Yes, you can shop online

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It is a fact that not everyone is blessed with a good height. But it seems that the fashion trends have been very unfriendly to the shorter girls. Finding petite fashion inspiration on the runway is something unimaginable. With hems too longs, arm holes too big, necklines drooping to chest, being able to wear something straight off the rack sounds like a dream come true. Finding clothes especially trousers for women and dresses for girls are not easy on the fashion front if you happen to be a petite girl. With all these challenges involved in buying clothes for smaller frames, online shopping comes as a best option.

Here are few tips to make online shopping an enjoyable and worth exercise for the shorter girls:

  1. Know your body shape and size

When buying dresses for girls it is important to know your body and shape exactly. It might be the case that you are not necessarily petite but partly petite or have smaller torso or longer legs etc. Hence knowing your body shape and size is very important for buying flattering clothes for smaller figure. Though it is important to realize that even with online shopping all things don’t come is small sizes but then getting everything for the smaller figure is much easier than shopping for the traditional ways of shopping.

  1. No, the cropped pants are not for you!

If you consider yourself really petite, please avoid wearing cropped trousers for women. High waisted bottoms are considered a short girls’ best friend. Also with high waisted flared trousers for women and high waisted skirts you can very elegantly give the illusion of longer legs. When dressing up for shorter frames, it is very important to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Although you shouldn’t listen to fashion judgements only go for those pieces which really make you feel good. Belts are great for nipping in the waist. Also go for flattering shoes and pair them with stylish trousers for women and fake those extra inches with elegance.

  1. Befriend a tailor

Having a reliable tailor is very important if you happen to have a smaller frame. Hence while it is very important to buy clothes and dresses for girls in your size, finding a good tailor is very important. While a hem job might appear cheap and easy, taking care of other needs requires skill which only can be done by somebody who understands your petite needs. So go on and browse online shopping but let’s find a tailor first.